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Process automation
Increased efficiency, accuracy, and agility in your daily operations.
Clinical Decision-Support Systems (CDSS)
AI-powered CDSS enhances health-related decisions and actions to improve health and healthcare delivery.
Personalized Medicine
Move away from a one-size-fits-all approach and deliver targeted, precise, and effective treatments to each patient. 
Fit-for-Future Trial Designs
Enhance the efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness of your clinical research.
Accelerated Drug Discovery
Accelerate identification of potential drug candidates, new targets, and improve their clinical efficacy and safety before moving forward with costly clinical trials.
Seamless Clinical Data Mapping
Overcome data integration challenges, break down data silos, and achieve a more comprehensive and standardized view of patient information.
Drug Discovery
Explore and visualize basic research and preclinical data for novel compounds or targets.
Clinical Trials
Efficiently analyze complex clinical datasets, explore new hypotheses and their results to improve clinical outcomes.
Develop interactive applications for optimizing processes, identifying risks, ensuring quality control and monitoring.
GxP compliance
Integrate GxP compliant computing environments and applications into your workflow.
Large-Scale Molecular Visualization
Visualize large-scale molecular data and important biochemical interactions.
Analyze, explore and visualize OMICS data.
Biomarker Discovery
Quickly identify relevant biomarkers.
Interactive Genomics Data Visualization
Build, scale, and visualize genomics data with composite and interactive visualizations.

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Project: IT Consulting for Medical Affairs Community

Sector: Pharmaceuticals




Willing to refer:

Project Summary

Appsilon | R Shiny | Machine Learning was hired to build an application for a medical affairs community. They integrated systems that host dashboards and deployed them on the cloud, making the whole process in-house.

Customer’s feedback

Thanks to Appsilon | R Shiny | Machine Learning's work, the client managed to bring all of their operations in-house, thus optimizing the process. Their commitment and diligence were hallmarks of their work.

Project: Custom Software Dev for Biotech Company

Sector: Biotechnology




Willing to refer:

Project Summary

Appsilon developed a software that could replace a biotech company's Excel-based calculations. The team built the app in R Shiny, introduced data loading functions, and incorporated the client’s formulas.

Customer’s feedback

By hosting an in-depth discovery workshop and continuously aligning the product with the client’s goals, Appsilon was able to deliver a useful prediction tool for chemists and drug developers. The team worked in an agile manner, prioritizing and completing tasks well on time and within budget.
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Optimizing Performance in Biotech Drug Discovery

Time is valuable. Better tools, improved solutions architecture, and resolved code debt resulted in 15x faster application and improved data analyses.
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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management and Data Solutions

Implementing a high-fidelity prototype from Shiny to React and technical workshops, empowering teams with rapid risk visualization and proactive mitigation capabilities, ensuring successful supply chain operations.
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GxP Compliance and Validation

Achieving GxP compliance by implementing a development environment using Posit software, improving workflows, reducing latency, and risk mitigation.
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Machine Learning for Patient Insights and Healthcare Solutions

Proof-of-Concept (POC) that leveraged Machine Learning (ML) to predict individual patient health, uncover patient groupings, and prioritize explainability.
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